The Austrian open spending portal holds spending and budget data of all Austrian municipalities. The mayors were provided with access data to the portal in order to view the visualisations of their spending data (beginning from 2000). With two simple clicks, not only the data can be published, but also the interactive visualisations.

From 2020 on, Austrian municipalities are in a major transition phase from fiscal accounting (cameralistics) to accrual accounting. Thefore the platform has been rebuilt from scratch. The old platform is still available at with data up to 2019. Data from 2000 - 2019 is also available on the new platform, but only the fiscal data can be transferred. The other parts will be delivered as soon as the first spending reports for the year 2020 are available. Planned bugets can be uploaded by the municpalities themselves any time, the spending reports will be available not before the beginning of 2021.

More information in English can be found at